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Fill Cost

BCA Cylinder ------------------- $20.00
SnowPulse -------------------- $20.00

Avalanche Pack 

Cylinder Re-fills

O-ring/Disk Replacement

BCA Cylinder ------------------- $20.00
SnowPulse -------------------- $20.00

You can replace the O-ring/Disk on your own to avoid the $20.00 replacement fee. 

*** Important Information***

  • If your Cylinder has been discharged/used you will need to replace the O-ring/Disk on your own, after every discharge, and before the next fill. 

    • Below you will find videos on how to replace the O-ring/Disk on your own. ​

  • For BCA - If you do not change the O-ring/Disk on your own, we can do it for you for the cost listed below.

  • For SnowPulse/Mammut - We do not carry the replacement O-ring/Disk in our shop. You will need to provide and change the o-ring on your own.

  • For SnowPulse/Mammut - We will set the correct torque for you before we fill the cylinder.  

Please allow an hour or two for us to fill your tank to the correct specifications. 

BCA O-ring

SnowPulse/Mammut Disk

Liability Wavers

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