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Safety Through Maintenance
  • Trevor wears glasses for reading only, 
    though he admits to hardly wearing them

  • He hates to shop and lets his mother or girlfriend do it for him

  • Trevor names Lance Armstrong as a person whom he admires

  • Orange is Trevor's favorite M&M flavor

  • Trevor has 3 tattoos, but he wouldn’t reveal where!

  • Trevor‘s nickname as a child was "Little Carter" as he was always tagging along with his older siblings

Shoe size: 46

Scuba Oxygen Tank

Scuba Oxygen Tank

Service Pricing
Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 9.44.33 PM.png

* Labor does not include cost of parts kits.

*Parts Kit pricing depends on brand & model, usually average around $35.00 per stage. (3 stages total). 

We service Scubapro, Oceanic, and Zeagle in house. Any other brands are sent to our master technician in Las Vegas. Pricing for brands not done in house vary. Shipping charges are also incurred with brands we cannot service in house. 

Please allow a minimum 3 week turnaround time for services.
$50 Rush Fee for less than 2 weeks
$100 Rush Fee for less than 1 week
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